Unfold your Inner Potential

My Purpose

To Navigate Life with my Inner Compass

I have created this space to share my thoughts and ideas, scholarly research and practitioner's work. I chose the name NAVIGATING for it, as I find it describes best the trajectories of our lives: Sailing in the ocean of life, sometimes closer to the shore, sometimes venturing to the open sea using only our inner compass for orientation. It is the second kind of voyage I am mostly attracted to, after having kept close to the shore for a long time fearful of the unknown and the dissimilar; after knowing that as long as I follow an assured path, I can see and predict the outcome and can be appreciated both for leading and following within the path boundaries in the way I am expected to do.

But times have changed...

How can I navigate life in our present times of increased chaos?

Now that...

...the exponentiality of technological advances has made disruption a synonym of regularity and continuity

...I have so much more but I feel I am so much less

...I realize that my compassion for suffering is limited to watching passively the Rohingya persecution, the refugees drowned in the Mediterranean or the hungry beggar in front of the restaurant I am having lunch in

...Many of my core cemented beliefs in the truth of science and the importance of social, political and ideological institutions as beacons of stability and progress have been challenged

How can I foretell a future that cannot be predicted by the analysis of the past?

When I am stuck in my scientific mindset that sees everything within a conception of linear causality; where my present has been established by my past and my future has no other choice but to follow the past.

When my human brain has learned to observe data, utilize known data to deduce and deconstruct evidence to form an unmovable proof, that allows me to reproduce the same proof in the future.

When I discover that the proof is not as valid but hesitate to accept non-stable and non-measurable factors like emotions, desires, intentions or faith as intervening variables as they cannot produce reliable and reproducible results.

When I am reluctant to accept that my emotions are valuable for the shaping of life as they reveal my essence and my state of being and they precede my material creations.

When I am afraid to follow life’s flow and open up to its immense potentialities without having figured out my purpose beforehand or without someone of authority telling me who I am supposed to be.

How can I navigate life into the current uncharted waters?

Having reached the point where...

...I feel I am asked by life to take personal responsibility for my choices.

...I feel I have a purpose/a potential in life that I do not seem to remember but I want to discover and accomplish.

...I feel I am asked to become an active benevolent agent in the collective happening collaborating with similar agents in order to ensure our survival and thriving as species.


Have you also thought what navigating in unchartered waters would look like ...

... If you began utilizing and trusting your own inner knowing, your intuition?

…if you led from who you really are, being in accord with the fullness of your being?

How would that influence..

...your fulfillment in life?

…your purpose?

...your creativity?

…your choices?

...the way you shape the future?

…the way you lead the others?