Unfold your Inner Potential

Leading Teams

I support organizations that have realized that their power and success relies more on human ideas and outputs rather than numbers and profit margins how to empower their employees and teams to flourish and how to weave their employees’ individual vision and passion into successful organizational goals.


To empower means to enable. Enabling implies motivating through enhancing an employee’s conviction of their personal efficacy. Research has shown that personal efficacy stems from inner need-states such as the intrinsic needs for self-determination, competence, power and self-actualization. The highest form of expression in the self-actualization process is - according toMaslow and a growing body of scholars that followed him*- characterized by such terms as selfless, devoted, working at a calling and embodying “being-values”. The question then becomes, continue reading...

Luther King’s “I have a dream…” speech in 1963 is the best example I can think of, to describe what a higher vision is and the inner force it can unleash to carry the others with. A vision, in general, encompasses both the power of a mental image of what the future will or could be like (immaterial) and its manifestation to the senses (material). In short, it is a call to action. Once personal vision transcends the level of satisfying personal goals and expands to embrace other-centered values and goals as primary sources of motivation, it becomes a higher vision. In scholarly literature it is often seen as the outcome of calling. The nourishing quality of a higher vision is passion. Passion encompasses free choice, willing engagement, investment of time and energy, belief in its importance and meaningfulness, perseverance and faith in its potential realization. In short, all the qualities needed to ignite and nurture the individual intrinsic motivation mechanism; which Maslow called motivational self-transcendence. Can you en-vision the outcomes of such a self-sustaining mechanism at work?

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