Unfold your Inner Potential

Who I collaborate with

I collaborate with a selective network of highly-skilled and -engaged professionals. We came together because we share a common vision of contributing to making our world a better place through acknowledging and honoring the inner spiritual essence of our Being.Their personality, the diversity of their fields of expertise and experience bring a unique perspective into our collaborative projects. We work globally, supporting personal and organizational transformation.

The Being-centered Leadership Team. Together with Professor Jody Fry -eminent scholar on spiritual leadership and founder of the International Institute of Spiritual Leadership- and Vanessa Goodman -psychologist and Jungian Psychoanalyst with vast experience in leadership coaching and individual councelling, we organize workshops on personal and organizational leadership developement. Check our latest workshops here

The International Institute for Spiritual Leadership located in Austin, Texas. The International Institute for Spiritual Leadership assists organizations to maximize their triple bottom line through the implementation of a specific model of spiritual leadership, the Spiritual Leadership Model (SLM).

Goodman Coaching, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Goodman Coaching offers leadership coaching for clients working in mid-level management of international companies.

Dr. Devnani and Associates, with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Dr. Suresh Devnani is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Researcher, Thought-Leader, Global Speaker on Personal Wellbeing, Happiness, Engagement at Work offering counseling, workshops, and retreats for both individuals and organizations. For all those seeking to enhance their level of wellbeing both personally or at work, for extraordinary results please visit his webpage.