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I have created this space to share my thoughts and ideas, scholarly research and practitioner's work. I chose the name Navigating for it, as I find it describes best the trajectories of our lives: Sailing in the ocean of life,sometimes closer to the shore for security, sometimes venturing to the open sea using only our inner compass for orientation. It is the second kind of voyage I am mostly attracted to after having kept close to the shore for a long time fearful of... continue reading

My inner compass in this trajectory is Widening Circles, a poem written by Rainer Maria Rilke, as it constantly reminds me of who I am (flesh with a spark of the divine), grounded on Earth but aspiring the Heaven, in a perpetual movement in the spiral of time and space... continue reading

Who I am

My purpose

My Vision

Only when you discover your power within, will you observe life with clarity and openness, find the courage to expand your perspective and embrace your unique capacity to co-create balance and prosperity
— Eleftheria Egel