Unfold your Inner Potential

Who I am

I am a scholar practitioner

I research and write on leadership and use my knowledge and experience to assist individuals and organizations to embrace and enhance their human(-e) potential. Short Biography

My research explores how our individual and collective mindsets impact our expression and quality of leadership; and how unraveling our deepest knowing - the essence of who we genuinely are- increases our power, authenticity and our agency to the world as true leaders of ourselves and the others.

As a practitioner I facilitate transformation. The best term I came up with to describe my role as facilitator, is the term doula. A doula is literally “a person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth”. Metaphorically seen, my role is to provide advice, information and support to individuals and organizations before, during and just after their process of transformation.


I guide individuals who have decided to replace “What should I do?” by “What do I wish to create?” how to let go of their mindset limitations and embrace their inner potential. If you are an individual

I support organizations that have realized that their power and success relies more on human ideas and outputs rather than numbers and profit margins how to empower their employees and teams to flourish and how to weave their employees’ individual vision and passion into successful organizational goals. If you are an organization