Unfold your Inner Potential

Who I am

I am a scholar practitioner

I research and write on leadership and use my knowledge and experience to assist individuals and organizations to embrace and enhance their human(-e) potential. Short Biography

My research explores how our individual and collective mindsets impact our expression and quality of leadership; and how unraveling our deepest knowing - the essence of who we genuinely are- increases our power, authenticity and our agency to the world as true leaders of ourselves and the others. My focus is on multicultural, global business environment and on sustainability. Being a woman, I am particularly intrigued by how our hidden and under-explored gender and power dynamics impact our perception of ourselves and of the others. I research on these biases and how they "weigh" on our capacity to lead ourselves and the others.

As a practitioner I use my knowledge, business expertise and versatile work experience to assist individuals to lead themselves better and organisations to develop their leaders and improve the collective leadership process.


I guide individuals who have decided to replace “What should I do?” by “What do I wish to create?” how to let go of their mindset limitations and embrace their inner potential. If you are an individual

I assist women who know they deserve more in life and in work to realize why they do not get what they deserve and how to change the mental model they function from in order to become the best version of themselves and reach their full potential. If you are a woman

I help female entrepreneurs to meet their unique needs, challenges and opportunities. I work with women through all stages of their entrepreneurship journey: from the moment they perceive an opportunity to the moment they launch their company and lead their business to growth. I aid them to clarify their idea, develop their business skills and leadership ability, set up their company, manage their team, improve their customer experience and scale their business in order to attain profitability and growth. If you are a female entrepreneur

I support organizations that have realized that their power and success relies more on human ideas and outputs rather than numbers and profit margins how to empower their employees and teams to flourish and how to weave their employees’ individual vision and passion into successful organizational goals. If you are an organization